• Where: The Empire State Building
    When: 2010
    What I Wore: Diane Von Furstenberg
    “This occasion meant a lot to me because it
    was the second time that the beautiful Evelyn
    Lauder and I lit the Empire State Building
    pink—and this time we got into the Guinness
    Book of World Records for illuminating the
    highest number of landmarks for a cause
    within 24 hours. This dress was made from
    the softest leather and I loved the way the
    graphic cut looked against the shape of the
    building. I will treasure the memory of being
    with Evelyn on this day forever.”
  • Where: The BCRF Hot Pink Party
    When: 2014
    What I Wore: Versace
    “Every year we try to find pink dresses
    for the pink carpet of the annual BCRF
    fundraiser in New York and I adored this
    one. For once, it wasn’t skintight
    and I could actually breathe!
    It was flowing and feminine and one of my
    favorite pink dresses ever. I wore it with
    white diamonds.”
  • Where: Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Flagship
    When: 2013
    What I Wore: Versace
    “Bloomingdale’s has been an amazing
    partner to the BCA campaign and I always
    try as hard as I can to find a great dress for
    their events. This sparkly one caught the
    light beautifully. The belt was very tight on
    my waist, but it was worth it!”
  • Where: The BCRF Hot Pink Party
    When: 2006
    What I Wore: Ellie Saab
    “Sometimes you try on a dress, and you
    know it’s a winner; I loved this dress the
    moment I saw it. It was in the softest pink
    and beautifully embroidered.”
  • Where: The Breast Cancer Awareness charity event in Mumbai
    When: 2008
    What I Wore: A Traditional Sari by Rohit Bal
    “I’ve travelled all over the world raising
    funds and awareness for the BCRF and
    this trip to Mumbai was very special
    because my son Damian came with me. I
    love wearing saris as they’re so
    comfortable—as long as you tie them
    correctly; otherwise, you’re in danger of
    them completely falling off!”