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Night Done Right

Next in our series with makeup artist, photographer and blogger Robin Black of Beauty Is Boring, we’re showing you how to create the ultimate nighttime skincare routine. It’s the most beautiful way to get ready for bed.

Finding your perfect skincare routine can be quite a journey. One moisturizer is too heavy, the next one too light—it takes a lot of trial and error before finding your “just right.” Plus, with the proliferation of so many extras for your routine—masks for any kind of skin condition; oils for an added boost; serums, lotions and toners galore—it’s no wonder we feel like we’ve lost our way.

Thankfully, we’ve got makeup artist, photographer, and self-proclaimed “skincare fanatic” Robin Black of the blog Beauty Is Boring here to help. After years on the sets of major editorial shoots, runway shows and red carpets, she’s seen firsthand the ideal elements that combine to create great skin. Sure, we have makeup to help with that, but we all know that the true cornerstone of a flawless complexion is skincare. That’s why we had Black whittle all of the options down to four essential steps you can do tonight and every night to help your skin on its path to be the best it can be.

Watch the routine above and stay tuned for more videos throughout the next several months. To learn more about Black and her work, check her out at

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