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Kendall’s Runway

Now that she’s a fixture on the Fashion Week scene,
Kendall Jenner reveals exactly how she gets through
one of the busiest months of her year.

While we’re all glued to our phones during New York Fashion Week, watching the latest trends roll right off the runways and into our social media feeds, supermodels like Kendall Jenner are running from show to show, party to party, and then hopping on a plane to do it all over again in London, Milan and, ultimately, Paris. For them, it’s a month-long marathon, not a sprint, and one for which the preparation and endurance required is similar to that of an athlete. Wonder how they make it through to the finish still looking gorgeous? Here in our Fashion Week Survival Guide series, Jenner reveals all.

What is your preparation for Fashion Week like? Do you have any workout or nutrition secrets you can share?
The biggest thing for me is to get as much rest and “me” time as I can before the madness starts. And lots of vitamins!

How does your beauty routine change leading up to Fashion Week? Are there any special things you do to prep your skin?
I try not to wear too much makeup leading up to Fashion Week, because I want my skin to breathe. I also drink a ton of water.

What is the best part of the experience for you? What are you most
excited about?

I'm always super excited to be surrounded by all of my friends and to have a good time with them. I consider myself very lucky.

How did you feel during your very first Fashion Week? How different is it now after having walked a few runways and been to all of the parties?
In your first season you're the newbie, and everyone looks at you like the new kid. It's nice to have done it for many seasons now, because I know my way around, and everyone knows each other.

Of all the Fashion Weeks around the world, which city is your
favorite and why?

I love New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. They are the biggest and most fun!

Time to yourself is a luxury when you're around a ton of people. I see the value in this, so I make it a priority, even if only for a few minutes!

Which beauty products are always in your bag when you’re running around from shows to parties and everything in between?
I always have a lip conditioner in my bag, along with DayWear moisturizer. Keeping my skin hydrated is super important when everyone is taking makeup off and then back on again throughout all of the shows.

What else is always in your bag that helps you survive?
Gum, a protein bar, a portable phone charger and hand sanitizer.

Any inspirational quotes that get you through the month?
Prove them wrong.

What about guilty pleasures?
Justin's Almond Butter packets.

How do you find time throughout the hectic weeks to relax and wind down? What do you do to center yourself?
Time to yourself is a luxury when you're around a ton of people. I see the value in this, so I make it a priority, even if only for a few minutes!

What is the first thing you do after you’ve wrapped your last show? Eat a cheeseburger? Take a nap? Go to Disney World?
Nap and eat!

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