Beauty: Instagratification

Lip Locked

You liked them on Instagram—now your favorite
social media snaps are just a click away.

In a world of increasing options—we can swipe right to line up our next date, tap to summon a gourmet meal, and scroll to find the latest movie to watch—why commit to just one lip color? With a wealth of shades and finishes (creamy to matte, rosy to red), Pure Color Envy Lipstick offers up a new possibility for each day of the week. Or, if you’re anything like us, by the hour—thanks to options scattered in every purse, desk drawer and bathroom vanity. We can be Impassioned in the morning and Fierce by noon; Impulsive after lunch and Stronger for happy hour. No matter which shade you choose, each Envy is a moment to remember.

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