Beauty: Insider Tips

Insider Tips:
Lynsey Alexander

The Scottish makeup artist and London Fashion Week
mainstay dishes on pared-down powder techniques
and eye-opening liner advice.


“The key to making your skin look fresher and younger is not to actually apply too much makeup. It's really about looking at what needs covering, and what doesn't. After applying a face mask, I like to mix a brightening primer like Illuminating Perfecting Primer into my foundation and apply it only to the centre of the face, directly onto the left-over serum from the mask, blending it outwards with a buffing brush. Then I'll go in with concealer to target specific areas of redness. Powdering only in key areas—like under the eyes, along the forehead, down the nose, and on the chin—is also important so as not to flatten the face. You want to see the person, not just their makeup.”


“If you make up your eyes, lips, and cheeks all together it can look a little dated so one of my favorite things to do when creating a strong lip look is to leave out the eyeshadow, liner, and brows. Instead, I apply a transparent shine like AERIN Rose Balm on the eyelids, cheek bones, and brow bone to create a glossy highlight minus the shimmer and glitter from traditional highlighters. This will catch the light, but in an effortless and youthful way. It's the lazy girl's secret to makeup!”


“Light-colored pencils drawn along the water line are important to opening up the eyes, but always make sure you’re using a beige color. It lifts you and makes you look more youthful. White pencils can look way too harsh.”

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