Inspiration: Beneath the Surface

Lips That Last

Our Global Beauty Director Violette shows you
how to create a lip look that lasts all day—through
coffee, cupcakes and even a French kiss.

One of the things we love about watching Violette work is that it’s always unexpected. Unlike so many other makeup tutorials, which typically show a woman doing her own makeup, Violette loves to get outside the box and not only show you her routine, but tips and beauty solutions for other real women, as well.

Here, she meets a new friend in the park for an afternoon treat—and to show her how to get a bespoke lip look that won’t wipe off by midday. And speaking of unexpected, would you ever imagine that an eyeshadow brush would be a tool you use for your lips? Watch above and learn, then bite into your next cupcake with confidence. Your lipstick isn’t going anywhere.

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