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Best Night Ever

Estée Lauder spokesmodel Kendall Jenner reveals how she winds down after a big night out, looks rested on less-than-optimal sleep, and her number-one beauty rule while flying.

With email at your fingertips, nonstop group texting, and around-the-clock social media surprises and distractions, actually making the time to unwind and shut down at the end of the day frequently takes a backseat to just one more tour of your Instagram feed. But, logging your requisite REM sleep is all about establishing a consistent evening routine, so who better to advise us than those for whom beauty sleep is a veritable job requirement? In this installment of our Best Night Ever series, Kendall Jenner gives us her post-photo shoot recovery plan, from dissolving layers of makeup to decompressing for a restful night’s sleep.

Less is more for my skin.

What is your nightly beauty routine?
My nightly beauty routine consists of washing my face before bed. Normally I’m shooting, and sometimes we have multiple makeup looks and changes, so now I use an Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask once a week. It is super hydrating and helps restore my skin’s brightness!

Do you have any tips for getting a good night's sleep?
Turning your phone on silent is a good starting point for a good night’s sleep. Decompress before getting in bed to avoid weird dreams.

How do you like to relax before bed?
I drink decaf tea and watch “Key & Peele,” or something with good vibes. Laughing is a good way for me to unwind.

When you travel across different time zones, how do you keep your skin hydrated and radiant after being on a plane?
I never wear makeup on the plane, that’s my number-one rule. I’ll also moisturize before heading to the airport. Less is more for my skin.

Do you have a nighttime routine?
My nighttime ritual is easy: Wash my face, hydrate, drink a relaxing tea and chill.

What is your idea of a perfect night?
My idea of a perfect night changes with the weather. One thing that’s consistent: chilling and laughing are on the agenda.

Laughing is a good way for me to unwind.

Any tips on how to look rested when you don’t get much sleep?
I need my sleep, but in this industry getting a full eight hours can be hard, if not impossible. Faking it requires a lot of water and going easy on sugar and salt.

How many hours of sleep do you average a night?
On average, I get anywhere from 5-8 hours. I prefer the latter!

Nightshirt or pajamas?
Boy shorts and a tank.

Silk, cotton or linen sheets and why?
Cotton sheets, but silk pillowcases, which are better and kinder to your face and skin.

Are you an early-to-bed, early-to-rise—or a night owl?
It depends on whether I’m traveling, but I prefer to get a great night’s sleep, so early to bed.

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