Inspiration: Beneath the Surface

Fresh Facings

Peer over the shoulder of artist and designer @ambaliving
as she creates one of her fresh fruit-and-veggie masterpieces.
That’s right—this is art you can eat!

Plucked from burgeoning baskets and gardens, crisp vegetables, zippy fruits and lush flowers are elevated to immortality once they’re brought into Amber Locke’s world. In her hands, they’re artfully arranged into colorful masterpieces and then photographed, often raking in thousands of hearts on Instagram. (Never one to waste, Locke later eats her arrangement; after all, her dietary preference for raw food led her to create the designs in the first place.)

Locke describes herself as a designer, but it’s a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and other natural elements that serves as her medium, enabling her to serve up vibrant, hypnotic patterns that are as inspired as they are enchanting.

"It's a very therapeutic practice in a way,” Locke shares in the video. “[Arranging the designs] is very zen and very relaxing, so it's almost meditative... You stand back, and sometimes don't know how it's happened. It's sort of had a life of its own and designed itself."

Here, we take you behind the scenes of Locke’s process as she creates a delicious design from start to finish. Then be sure to check out our exclusive gift sets featuring her patterns: Each one also contains a recipe featuring the ingredients she used to make the art. But hurry—like all of Locke’s work, there’s a limited supply.

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